Volunteers From Terra Contracting Install Playground At St. Jude’s Ranch For Children

On Saturday, April 15th, Terra Contracting and The Barricade Company showed up with Los Vaqueros Las Vegas to install two salvaged playgrounds from Boys and Girls Club at St. Jude’s Ranch for Children.

Terra Contracting is celebrating 30 years of service and innovation in Southern Nevada!

Las Vegas, NV – Terra Contracting, a leading Las Vegas underground utility contractor, is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary of providing high-quality services to public utilities and the communities of Southern Nevada.

Volunteer Work To Deliver A Playground To St. Jude’s Ranch For Children

On Saturday May 14th, Terra Contracting, Galt Development, and The Barricade Company showed up with Los Vaqueros Las Vegas to salvage two playgrounds from Boys and Girls Club and deliver a playground to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children.

Fremont Street Resurfacing

Polyaspartic Surface Coatings

TERRA Contracting is innovating again. Many in the pebble overlay industry use epoxies to “glue” the pebbles to the concrete and then place a fine film of polyaspartic over the pebbles in an attempt to keep the epoxy from yellowing, caused by the UV rays of the sun. TERRA, however, uses polyaspartic to “glue” the pebbles to the concrete, and then we place 10 mills of the polyaspartic over the pebbles. This system will not yellow.

St. Jude’s Brick Retaining Wall Repurposing Community Project

Terra Contracting employees and other volunteers removed retaining wall pavers from an elementary school garden slated for demolition and transported them to be re-used at St. Jude’s in a future gardening project.

Justin Anderson speaking at podium

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children Begins Healing Center Project for Child Victims of Sex Trafficking with Soil Survey Donated for $1

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children kicked off the initial stages of its Healing Center construction project to provide safe therapeutic homes for child victims of sex trafficking.

Terra Contracting Launches New Service Offering

Terra Contracting, a full-service land development General Contractor based in Las Vegas with over 30 years of experience in underground utility installation, announces a new line of service that will save public and private entities millions of dollars in maintenance and construction costs by enabling the safe repair of underground vaults.

Terra Contracting Volunteers at Elementary School

Terra’s Volunteering at Los Vaqueros school

Recently, early morning Saturday activities had Los Vaqueros putting a big smile on the faces of students, parents, teachers, and the principal of Gene Ward Elementary. From the original grey scale building to the now colorful and welcoming Elementary School, volunteers, including Terra Contracting, powered through the project with smiles and paint flying.