Asphalt pavement is known for its high durability, making it a beneficial paving solution for driveways, roadways, and parking lots. However, there are five outside sources to consider that may affect the durability of your asphalt over time. For every enemy, Terra Contracting has your solution!

Tree root


A tree has many benefits, including clean air, energy conservation, and temperature control, and can even increase property values. All of these benefits sound great, but did you know under the surface a tree can pose a significant threat to your asphalt’s pavement? Tree roots are constantly seeking water and can extend 50-75 feet out from the trunk and lay just below the ground level. Any type of surface placed over tree roots can restrict water access for the roots and can mean cracks, bumps, and heaving as the roots seek out water while trying to grow.

The Terra Contracting Solution:
Choose a contractor that has previous experience working on parking lots, driveways, and roadways with a canopy of trees overhead. This will make a big difference on the outcome of your project. Your contractor will help guide you to attain your desired result and maintain a natural landscape. They will also be able to provide solutions such as removing part of the root, where necessary, or including root barriers.



Sunlight affects asphalt pavement similar to the way ultraviolet rays affect your skin, you need protection! The sun can cause damage because solar radiation contributes to asphalt cracking. It may also have a bleaching effect causing the asphalt to turn gray over time instead of retaining its dark black color.

The Terra Contracting Solution:
The same way you would put sunscreen on to protect your skin, your asphalt pavement should have a protective sealcoating every three to five years. Sealcoating a thin layer over a paved surface will prevent damage to your asphalt pavement. A sealcoat won’t fix existing damage such as cracks, but it will help them from forming in the first place. Exposure to the sun will also cause asphalt pavement to look faded over time; a fresh sealcoat application enhances the appearance of asphalt, making it look new.

Surface water


Asphalt surfaces are usually designed to sweep water away from high traffic areas because standing surface water can be dangerous. If an asphalt surface is not properly maintained, the surface water can cause cracks to expand and eventually form potholes. Moisture damage may decrease the strength and durability of your asphalt mixture.

The Terra Contracting Solution:
Regular sealcoating applications will help keep out surface water and prevent cracks and potholes from forming. Applying a sealcoat regularly can save you money in the long run, extend the asphalt’s lifespan, and reduce long-term repair cost.

fuel and oil


Fuel and oil may deteriorate your asphalt pavement at a rapid rate. Unlike the sun and surface water solutions, sealcoating applications do not stick to vehicle fluid on an asphalt surface, so you lose a layer of protection. Over time, the fuel and oil begin to puncture the surface and can break off aggregates of the asphalt. The surface will begin to crumble and depressions may begin to form.

The Terra Contracting Solution:
Fuel and oil damage to your asphalt pavement is hard to avoid. Once the damage starts, if it is not repaired, the surface will continue to deteriorate and your asphalt will soften. The longer the damage continues, the more costly the repair becomes. The best solution for this type of interference is to prioritize asphalt pavement inspections. Preventative maintenance will save you time and money down the road.

car driving


The weight of a vehicle driving on your asphalt pavement will have a negative impact over time. This will increase rutting and pavement deterioration along wheel paths while decreasing its durability and lifespan. You will see more damage in areas where heavy vehicles are driving slowly, and where they stop, slow down, or park.

The Terra Contracting Solution:
When hiring a contractor, it is important to find one who is experienced in asphalt installation and knows what is necessary to improve the lifespan and durability of your asphalt surface. A respected contractor will have experience working on roadways and parking lots with heavy vehicle traffic and will be able to offer solutions on how to fight the damage caused by vehicles. You may also want to design your parking lot with limitations for heavy vehicles, restricting them to one area and installing thicker asphalt to save you from costly repairs.

Terra Contracting’s primary expertise is in asphalt installation, repair and maintenance. Our team is experienced in providing asphalt to new construction projects, as well as performing maintenance on existing commercial and residential properties. Our focus is on providing a quality product delivered with optimal efficiency. The streamlined process we employ involves our trucks bringing the asphalt to the site, placing the asphalt into the paver, laying down the mat and quickly rolling it. This process allows the pavement to reach full compaction with a smooth finish before the product hardens.