Investing in an asphalt pavement installation for your commercial parking lot may seem like a huge expense, but with the right general contractor and proper installation, you are making a smart business investment. There are a few proactive tips you can take to save money when considering a new asphalt pavement.


Choosing the right contractor for your project can affect the quality and price of your installation. You should choose a contractor who has experience installing parking lots of the same size as your project. You should always request to see their previous work, as this will assure you that they are properly licensed and insured. Choosing a reputable contractor can take time, and that is okay. It’s always important to choose the contractor with the project scope that fits your needs. When considering the price, the lowest option is not always the best option. The years of experience, customer service, and unique job abilities are three things to consider when choosing the right contractor for you.


One of the most important steps when it comes to asphalt installation, is making sure it is properly installed. The way it’s installed will determine the lifespan of the asphalt surface. Without proper support, the surface will not last, which is why the sub-base needs to be properly installed. Your reputable commercial contractor should use proper materials, and compaction and grading should be at the top of their priorities.


Although nobody wants to invest in regular maintenance, the result is worth it. The more you spend on repairs as they occur, the longer your surface will last, preventing potentially huge expenses down the road. As a business owner, there are preventative steps you should consider when investing in asphalt pavement.

  • Pothole repairs: Repairing potholes will prevent water from ruining the sub-base.
  • Cleaning services: Cleaning the surface will prevent damage from pollutants.
  • Crack filling: Repairing cracks will prevent cracks from expanding and causing damage.
  • Regular seal coating: Sealcoating will prevent UV rays, water, and pollutants from harming the surface.

Parking lots that have poor drainage will need repairs and maintenance frequently. If drainage is not properly planned, standing water will occur, which will slowly break down the surface, creating cracks and potholes. As a business owner, this can be frustrating and will lead to more money and repairs. This step is very important for the installation process, and as a rough guide, most parking lots require a two-percent slope to ensure water will drain properly.

Terra Contracting’s primary expertise is in asphalt installation, repair and maintenance. Our team is experienced in providing asphalt to new construction projects, as well as performing maintenance on existing commercial and residential properties. Our focus is on providing a quality product delivered with optimal efficiency. The streamlined process we employ involves our trucks bringing the asphalt to the site, placing the asphalt into the paver, laying down the mat and quickly rolling it. This process allows the pavement to reach full compaction with a smooth finish before the product hardens.