Asphalt Budget Tips To Start Your Year

As a business owner, it is important to evaluate your parking lot and surrounding areas at least once per quarter. Proper maintenance will always extend the life of your parking lot, pathways and sidewalks. If one of your business goals for 2022 is to improve your property value or bring in new customers, there are a few steps you can take to give your property that brand new look!


Over time, your parking lot, sidewalk or pathway will need repairs due to the damage caused by traffic, weather and other outside factors. You can be proactive by keeping up with regular repairs as soon as you see that damage has occurred. There are three types of repairs that, if made in a timely manner, will save you money in the future:

1. Sealcoating: Depending on the traffic, after a few years, your asphalt will likely need a fresh sealcoat application. This type of repair will help preserve your asphalt and keep it looking new for a long period of time. These repairs will improve the look of your property and may boost the value of your property. Sealcoating will also help prevent UV rays from the sun causing damage to the base layer of your asphalt.

2. Filling Cracks: Once a crack appears on your surface, you should arrange to repair it immediately; this will prevent the spread of damage. You can purchase the materials to fill cracks at a home improvement store as a short-term solution, but you should contract with an asphalt paving contractor to evaluate the area. Most likely, when a crack appears, there will be an underlying problem that will require identification and repair.

3. Pothole Repairs: Potholes are dangerous and should be patched as soon as they appear. This type of damage is not appealing to customers and may result in loss of business. If this type of damage is not repaired right away, you risk it growing and creating further damage. There is a proper way to repair a pothole, so make sure to use a reputable company for the best results!


When customers, potential clients and tenants visit your place of business, the first thing they will notice is your parking lot, so you should consider giving your area a fresh new look. A simple step you can take without making a big investment is cleaning the area. There are cleaners you can purchase if you choose to do it yourself or consider hiring a street sweeping service to remove debris.

These tips will help increase the value of your property and will make the right first impression with potential and current customers.

Terra Contracting’s primary expertise is in asphalt installation, repair and maintenance. Our team is experienced in providing asphalt to new construction projects, as well as performing maintenance on existing commercial and residential properties. Our focus is on providing a quality product delivered with optimal efficiency. The streamlined process we employ involves our trucks bringing the asphalt to the site, placing the asphalt into the paver, laying down the mat and quickly rolling it. This process allows the pavement to reach full compaction with a smooth finish before the product hardens.