Established in 1992, Terra Contracting started from humble beginnings, operating out of the family garage. Ed McSwain, founder and CEO, having worked for 18 years with the largest underground utility contractor in Nevada, set out on his own. He was determined to bring a service-oriented approach to a field that was lacking customer focus.

As Terra has grown and expanded its areas of expertise, it has continued to innovate through collaboration with customers and vendors, project by project.


Whatever it takes

No project is too large or too small.

Most importantly, Terra will do whatever it takes to complete each required task. Performing with the highest level of integrity and total quality management, we’ll control our scope of work from initial trenching, to site energizing and wire pull, to final button-up, shaving valuable days from your construction schedule.

Completing a project to the benefit of all stakeholders requires a commitment from all parties to overcome the inevitable challenges that can arise during the course of construction. It is our goal to earn your complete confidence every step of the way.


Our Vision

To be the icon of employee growth and development.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide for infrastructure in the areas of underground utilities, structural repairs, and exploratory drilling.

Operations Timeline
  • 1992

    First scoop of dirt for dry utility installation
  • 1993

    First wet utility installation
  • 1995

    First wire-pull contract with Nevada Power (NV Energy)
  • 1997

    Partnered with Acme Electric for three years
  • 2001

    Signed a multi-year contract with Southwest Gas
  • 2004

    Constructed first concrete structures
  • 2006

    First helical pier installation
  • 2007

    First large site grading contract
  • 2011

    First self-performed asphalt paving
  • 2012

    First fabric structure and first boardwalk installations
  • 2014

    First structural concrete overlay
  • 2018

    Began geotechnical drilling service
  • 2020

    First structural underground vault repair
  • Began hydro excavation service