Some of the biggest names in business rely on Terra Contracting. 

When the first paved street in Las Vegas needed resurfacing, the City enlisted us to restore historic Fremont Street to all its glittering glory. Terra provided a custom solution to color match the unique street surface that makes this tourist destination so iconic. Our crews worked section by section to install a polymer and epoxy alternative that dries faster and stronger, enabling high volumes of foot traffic with 24 hours of completion.

When Southwest Gas Corporation was looking to outside contractors to work on PVC pipe facilities, they came to us first. Since then, Southwest Gas has certified us to install, remove and modify PVC gas lines, as well as install mainline valves in the existing infrastructure.

NV Energy has certified us to install all primary and secondary wire, as well as all forms of vaults, pads and transformers. And Century Link and Cox Communications use us to install their complete underground systems.

We’ve handled work for every major “dry” utility. But Terra Contracting has proven itself with “wet” utilities as well. We’ve installed sewer lines to depths of 50 feet, employing state-of-the-art shoring methods to ensure safety, while maintaining a schedule-beating production rate.

In addition, we’re adept at horizontal boring projects, working under major highways, interstates, and Union Pacific railroad systems.