State route 160 and buffalo drive for clark county nv

state route 160 and buffalo drive for clark county nv “red light / green light” — This 200ft x 200ft Right-of-Way was constructed on a very short schedule, working day and night shifts to keep existing traffic flowing. Terra Contracting not only constructed the signal system but also the 500ft advance-warning system, relocation of existing facilities, grading, paving, and striping.



SANOSTEE DAY SCHOOL NEW MEXICO FOR BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS (BIA) “WILD WEST CONSTRUCTION” — A 15-acre school project in the middle of the western New Mexico desert. Our scope included the earthwork, on/off-site utilities, SWPPP, head-walls, cattle guards, and directional boring. Along with the typical site grading, Terra constructed a 3-pond sewer lagoon system including the concrete head-walls and all piping systems. It is amazing what Terra can do with an excavator, blade, scraper, loader, and water truck.



FORT BLISS EL PASO TEXAS FOR USACE “At the water’s edge” — Terra installed over 8000ft of storm sewer systems; connecting to existing buildings, systems, and detention basins. This was one of three head-walls constructed by Terra and the flattest of the 3 slopes. Terra utilized talented operators in the 330 excavators to excavate safely, pipe quickly, and backfill to strict density requirements.



MARVELLA “BIG PIPE” — Construction in this 100ft right of way road consisted of 1800LF of 60ft storm drain with relocation of existing water and power facilities in southwest Las Vegas NV.


White Horse West – Move Your Gas

WHITE HORSE WEST “MOVE YOUR GAS” — Southwest Gas facility tie-in with double by-pass to lower existing facility before culvert installation. Terra had to maintain gas flow to an existing 150 home housing tract at all times. Terra Contracting’s certified gas installer (seen here) worked hand-in-hand with Southwest Gas crews to complete a successful tie-in.


White Horse West

WHITE HORSE WEST “Quick Canal” — Constructed for Lennar Homes in Las Vegas. With only a 1- month approval from Clark County to close the road, the construction schedule was tight and challenges popped up daily.

Las Vegas Blvd and Marion Industrial Park

LAS VEGAS BLVD AND MARION INDUSTRIAL PARK “FILLING IN THE LOW SPOTS” Terra completed the earthwork portion of the fifteen-acre project requiring 50,000 cubic yards of import to bring the site to grade.

Making something old new again

“MAKE SOMETHING OLD NEW AGAIN” — As the general contractor/self-performer on this project Terra removed and replaced over 100,000 sq. ft. of asphalt after installing a new sewer system and valley gutter throughout the project.

Riverwalk Off-Site Utility Installation

Riverwalk Off-Site Utility Installation “Walking on Water” — Terra crossed the Las Vegas wash twice to install new water, twice to install new sewer (force main), and once for the power & telecommunications. All to feed a 300-unit subdivision. Terra is no stranger to ground water mitigation during construction. Terra has constructed 16′ deep sewer and storm drain systems in marsh conditions where ground water was encountered at 2′ depths. All construction utilized de-watering systems to maintain a safe installation environment.